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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Stock

Whether it's playing footy, hamming it up ontelevision, or being afamily man, one thing's for sure – Shane Crawford will give it his all.When Shane Crawford debuted for Hawthorn Football Club in 1993, little did he know what an amazing future awaited him. The kid from tiny Finley in New South Wales would become a champion of the game, the heart and soul of his club, and a successful media performer.
RRP $49.99 SPECIAL PRICE $34.95

New York's Lombardo's Steak House is famous for three reasons--the menu, the clientele, and now, the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer. Effortlessly, the assassin slips through the police's fingers, and his absence sparks a blaze of accusations about who ordered the hit.
 RRP $32.99 SPECIAL PRICE $19.95

Everything sits in the order somewhere.
Things survive because they're strong and everything reaches an understanding.
But not everything survives because it's strong.
Some creatures are weak.
Armed robber Pope Cody is on the run from a gang of renegade detectives who want him dead.
RRP: $29.99
 In it she details the extensive preparation she and her team made for the big voyage, her journey and the battles she fought along the way – against sleep deprivation, gale-force winds mountainous seas and the solitude most of us can only imagine. When she sailed back into Sydney Harbour on 15 May 2010, after 210 days at sea, she was cheered in by a huge crowd that included Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
RRP: $35.00 SPECIAL PRICE $24.99

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