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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Book Review - Mercy #2 Exile - Rebecca Lim

EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series.

Mercy′s search continues ...
All Mercy knows is that she is an angel, exiled from heaven for a crime she can′t remember committing.
So when she ′wakes′ inside the body and life of eighteen-year-old Lela Neill, Mercy has only limited recall of her past life. Her strongest memories are of Ryan, the mortal boy who′d begun to fall for her - and she for him.
Lela′s life is divided between caring for her terminally ill mother and her work as a waitress at the Green Lantern, a busy city cafe frequented by suits, cab drivers, strippers, backpackers and the homeless, and Mercy quickly falls into the rhythm of this new life.
But when Mercy′s beloved, Luc, reappears in her dreams, she begins to awaken to glimpses of her true nature and her true feelings for Ryan. How can she know that her attempts to contact Ryan will have explosive consequences?
Meanwhile, ′the Eight′ - responsible for her banishment - hover near, determined to keep Mercy and Luc apart, forever ... 

The story picks up not too long after the events of 'Mercy'
This time Mercy is in Australia and she has been tampered with so she can't remember her days as Carmen. The story progresses nicely and starts off with a bang. It leaves you at the edge of your seat the whole time. It only took me a day to read and now I really really want the third book 'Muse' when it comes out. You get to know more of Mercy and what has been done to her also you are introduced to more characters from her past.  
This is a nice series that isn't in your face religous, I am enjoying it immensively and am glad that I picked it up.  

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