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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Helen Lowe interviews Brandon Sanderson

"An Interview with Brandon Sanderson "

Brandon Sanderson has been one of the exciting new names of international Fantasy-Science Fiction over the past eight years, most notably—as a relative newcomer—being asked to complete Robert Jordan's hugely popular Wheel of Time series in 2007, following the author's death. Most recently, he won this year’s Gemmell “Legend” Award for Best Fantasy Novel of the Year with his own epic fantasy, The Way of Kings (Gollancz, 2010.) Fellow author, Helen Lowe, caught up with him between book tours to ask about completing seven major novels in six years and discuss his latest book, The Alloy of Law—and you can read the interview here.

And there's two copies of two copies of The Alloy of Law for giveaway to Australian and New Zealand readers."
Here is the full link:

Helen Lowe

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