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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Releases

The closer it gets to Christmas, the better the books that are coming out. All the major authors have a book coming out this year. What are you looking forward to reading?
We will see the final Bryce Courtenay - Jack of Diamonds due in Novemeber. Hot off the press is Monica McInerney's - House of Memories ( which I really want to read! ) Joesph Anton's - Salman Rushdie, Ken Follett's - Winter of the World, Ian McEwan -Sweet Tooth, Terry Pratchett's - The Dodger. These are just some of the titles that we have instore.

Not only are there fantastic fiction titles but we also have some great biographies on the shelf too. Do you want to read about Black Caviar? Donald Bradman's War? The Man Who Invented Vegemite (such a godlike substance yum)

The kiddies aren't excluded, keep them entertained with the new Captain Underpants book - Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers, Artemis Fowl #8 The Last Guardian, The Silver Brumby is making a comeback and lastly Robert Muchamore's Guardian Angel.

All these great titles make for brilliant reading!

Now what do you want to read?

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