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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Author Interview - Meredith Appleyard - A Country Practice

Today we have Meredith Appleyard being interviewed.

Meredith is a local South Australian author from the Clare Valley. The Country Practice is her first novel and is out now. 

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After working in a London hospital emergency room, a month as a GP in rural South Australia can't be that hard – or can it?

Meghan Kimble is taking control of her life. Newly single, she's returned to Australia to follow her dream of working as a GP. And her first stop is a month-long locum in the colourful community of Magpie Creek.

It's been months since the town has had a doctor and Meghan is generating more than her fair share of attention, especially from forthright farmer Sean Ashby. A handsome man with a difficult past, Sean isn't shy about making his intentions known to the redheaded medico.

Against her better judgement, Meghan finds herself charmed by the enigmatic Sean. But time is against her and when love threatens to derail her career plans, she is forced to reassess her priorities in ways she never imagined. Is Meghan ready to fall for all that life in Magpie Creek has to offer?

Set in vibrant small-town Australia, this heart-warming contemporary rural romance heralds an exciting new voice in Australian fiction.

The Country Practice

  • What inspired you to start writing and what motivates you?
 I’ve always read a lot and love making up stories. The thought of moving along my characters, and the story, is what keeps me motivated to put the backside on the seat in front of the computer.  
Can you tell me a little bit about the main characters of your latest MS?
Meghan is an experienced emergency room doctor. She always imagined she’d be a country GP and she sets out to realise that dream. She’s a redhead, she’s bright and bubbly, but there’s a temper that goes with the red hair!
Do you have a name for your computer?
No, I don’t. Never thought about it.
What type of books do you like reading?
Crime, especially Australian crime. We have some great Aussie authors who write crime. I don’t mind the occasional historical romance...
What was your favourite chapter (or part) to write and why?
So many good parts to write, but I especially enjoyed writing about Sean.
What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?
Live a balanced life and keep a sense of humour - about everything! 
If you could have a cuppa with anyone from history, who would it be?
Florence Nightingale - I would love to hear first-hand how it’d been back when she was nursing.
Do you have a writing routine that you need to do before you start to write?
Can’t start without some sort of beverage on the desk - tea, coffee or water! 
How much research goes into your writing?
 Mostly been fact checking to date but the book I’m working on now plays out in a setting I’m not really familiar with so I am doing quite a bit of research.
How did you get involved with the Clare Writer’s Festival and what does that entail?
I happened to be chatting to the owner of the second-hand bookshop in Clare and we agreed the idea of a Festival in Clare was a good one… That was back in 2012. We’re now planning for our third Clare Writers’ Festival 28/29 November 2015. It is quite a lot of work - we’ve raised all the funds required through grants, raffles etc. And we’re blessed to have the support of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council. To date all the authors we’ve asked to come have said ‘YES!’. The Clare Valley is a lovely place to visit. 
What would be your ideal century and why?
The 19th Century I reckon. Life would have been hard but probably more ‘real'. Simpler, a slower pace.
How did you become interested in Australian fiction?
I’ve always supported Australian authors. I’m a born and bred South Aussie and proud of it. We live in a wonderful country with so much to write about
Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?
No! When she was a pup she chewed up the dripper system in the backyard, the mat at the backdoor, the inside of my husband's welding mask, and the line on my sister’s fold-away clothesline, but I can honestly say she’s never eaten one of my manuscripts.  However, she walked her muddy paws all over it once when I had chapters spread out on the floor!

Clare Writers' Festival - held annually in the last week of November - festival proper on the last Saturday of November in the beautiful Clare Valley of SA
A full week of activities set in the beautiful Clare Valley wine region of South Australia. For aspiring writers, authors and readers. Engaging all ages from primary and high school students, adults and aged residents. Activities will be centrally located within the Clare township.
Plenty of accommodation options from the caravan park to motels, homestays and B&Bs. Only a couple of hours' scenic drive from Adelaide.

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