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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Author Interview - Lori Foster

To celebrate the New Year, I have an interview with the great Lori Foster - author of 'Back in Black'

A&R: Can you please explain the premise of your novels!

[Lori said:]
I’m assuming we’re talking about the new series out in May, June, and July, yes? If so: I call this series, “Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor,” because the heroes are men who will do whatever necessary to protect innocents, and especially the women they love.
They are each part of a secret organization that has specialized in breaking up human trafficking rings, rescuing victims, and coordinating efforts. They have far-reaching contacts, immeasurable physical skill, and deadly instincts.
In the process of a mission, each hero in the series finds a heroine who is his perfect partner.
I know the subject matter is heavy, but the romances themselves are typical of my voice – meaning sexy and, I hope, worthy of some smiles.

A&R:Which character was the hardest to write? Which one was the easiest? Are any of your characters based on people you know or purely imaginative? 

[Lori said:]
None of my characters are ever based on real people. Occasionally, a tidbit of dialogue, a quirky action, or a physical trait might be borrowed. But the overall person is all imagination.
As to the difficulty, sometimes my life makes writing a little tougher. If there’s a lot going on, if I’m working during the holidays or while a family  member is ill... that can make it tough. But I don’t write characters that are difficult for my muse. If I’m not totally into writing the book and the characters, I don’t write it.

A&R: What led you into a writing career?

[Lori said:]
Great books! I read a few romances that totally bowled me over, and I no sooner became an avid reader than I started writing my own stories. Like many readers, a book would end and I’d want the characters to go on and on. So I tackled my own. At first I wrote strictly for me, but eventually I got the publishing bug.

A&R: What excites you about writing?

[Lori said:]
The creativity! The freedom to have characters take over and lead me on an adventure. And being able to find closure. In real life, we seldom get that. But in fiction... sure. Every emotionally tortured character can wrap up past issues and move on happily.
I also love the interaction with readers. I’ve “met” so many amazing people through the shared love of books. Just as I put myself out there with a book, readers put themselves out there with their emails and letters. I LOVE talking to readers online, getting to know them and making so many new friends – even if they remain cyber friends only.

A&R: What did you do before you became a published author?

[Lori said:]
Hubby and I married early – right out of high school – and lived on a tight budget. No college. So in my early days I was a Kroger grocery clerk, and later I worked on the assembly line at P&G. After I had my sons, I was a stay at home mom who also did lots of extra babysitting and cleaning for other families. Basically, within reason, I did whatever necessary to make extra money. LOL

A&R:Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what artists, genres, or albums do you find the most inspiring? 

[Lori said:]
I burn candles and listen to my playlist or ipod while writing. My favorite artist is Kid Rock, but I also enjoy a lot of music from Uncle Kracker, KORN, Marilyn Manson, Aerosmith, Macy Gray, etc...

A&R:What makes you laugh? 

[Lori said:]
My grandson! He’s a 5-year old riot. And my sons and hubby. They’re one-liner experts, and they always take me by surprise with the things they’ll say. Animals are also endlessly amusing.

A&R:Who would you most like to be trapped somewhere with?

[Lori said:]
President G.W. Bush. I find him fascinating. I have a million questions I would ask him. Laura could be there too.  I have his book on my “to be read” pile, but there’s nothing like a one on one conversation.

A&R: Do you think that fiction brings something to peoples’ lives?

[Lori said:]
I know that it does. I hear from readers all the time who are going through very difficult periods. Health issues, money issues, family conflicts... They so often tell me that books helped them to get through the emotional and/or physical hardships.
I’ve had characters who suffered rape, and many women wrote me to tell me that I got the emotional turmoil right, as well as the reactions of the loved ones involved. They thanked me for bringing to life their issues. I’ve saved all those letters and emails.
I’ve written characters who lost a loved one, and heard from readers who related – and healed a little through the love stories.
I have been so touched by so many readers that I often get teary-eyed when hearing from them. I’ve been very, very blessed with my reader base.

A&R: What adventures will be next for your characters?

[Lori said:]
I’m very excited about the new series out in May, June, and July.

My 2011 release schedule looks like this:

Feb: Fantasy (free ebook reissue from Hqn)
March: THE GUY NEXT DOOR (anthology, new)
May: WHEN YOU DARE (single title, NEW)
June: TRACE OF FEVER (single title, NEW)
June: The Promise of Love (benefit book, NEW)
July: SAVOR THE DANGER (single title, NEW)
August: Bad Boys of Summer (anthology, reissue)
November (reissue to be announced)

I’m currently working on the next single title that’ll be part of the new series, but it doesn’t yet have a title, and I don’t know when it’ll be released. 
Many thanks!


Check out Lori's website for more information on her books 

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