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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chung Kuo #1 Son of Heaven – David Wingrove

Chung Kuo #1 Son of Heaven – David Wingrove DUE APRIL 2011

In the future the world is experiencing another Dark Age. Every countries economy crashed in 2043 and it destroyed Western civilization. Twenty years later, Jake Reed – A Login for a company called Hinton. He dealt in Futures in the Datscape, is on the run and is in hiding with his teenage son.

The Chinese are the only ones who seem to have taken a step forward on the road to recovery and they want to bring the world under control.

This was a good book but very confusing to start off with. I felt that the writing was a little fragmented and hard to understand. Then when you get your mind around the concepts that the author is trying to get across, you start to enjoy it. I wanted to find out more about the world Jake lives in and how it collapsed.

The author has a good grasp of descriptive language. It brought the book alive with some of the things the characters smelled, tasted and saw.

You get to see the good and the bad sides of human nature, how we would react when our world is gone and we have to start anew. Also you get to see racism up close and personal with the views of certain characters of the book.

I particularly liked General Jiang, he had a terrible job to do – but he did it with honour.

I think this will be a great read for people who enjoyed Windup Girl and Sherri S Tepper fans.

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