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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mary Victoria - Samiha's Song Review

Mary Victoria – Chronicles of the Tree #2 Samiha's Song

Tymon leaves his new home and his beloved Samiha to complete his Grafting studies with the famous Oracle of Nur. But Tymon and fellow traveller Jedda find that locating the Oracle in a corrupt and lawless city run by pirates and slave-drivers is no easy matter.
Samiha′s fate has been predicted by Grafters down the ages. When she is captured in Cherk Harbour and charged with grand heresy, there seems to be no way out ... but Tymon does not believe in fate and is desperate to save her lift.
As chaos hums through the Tree, survival revolves on the fate of just one ...

What can I say about this book?

I can only tell you the truth - that this book is awesome. Mary Victoria has really done a fantastic job on book two. It has action, romance, sacrifice, adventure and intrigue. You can see the journey that Tymon and Samiha take as they are separated at the beginning.
Each character has their part to play in the greater tale and it weaves together really well. The characters were well written and engaging and Mary makes you feel for their fate.

There are twists and turns all through out the book that you just don't see coming. When I got the end of the book I was like OMG.

I would recommend this series whole heartedly – Samiha's Song is a vast improvement over Tymon's Flight (Which was a great book as well)

We have signed copies in the store if any one is interested – you should be!!!

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  1. What a grandly appealing review! Thank you for this appetizer. MV is a rising star and you've confirmed it...


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