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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Blog - Fiona Palmer - Where Fiona finds her inspiritation

In celebration of Fiona Palmer's new release 'Heart of Gold' we have asked Fiona to write us a short post on where she finds her inspiration. Now this is a question most authors are asked many times but we felt that as Fiona is an Australian outback writer, she would have a wreath of information that not many people from overseas would know.

Where do I find my inspiration? From the land and the people around me. It could be the next sunset or thunderstorm, the hot wind swirling dust around the paddocks or it could simply be the wildlife going about life. It could be something as simple as hauling dead wood into a pile, setting it alight, sitting around the flames on old milk crates and drinking a cold one. The smell of smoke, which weaves its way into your clothes and hair, and the crackling warmth from the orange glow of embers all add to the experience. Something so simple can be so enjoyable and memorable.
Such simple things like these bring me great joy and with that comes energy and passion. Standing outside as the first rain comes down after a long hot summer can rejuvenate the senses and its these senses which help me to write. And in the next breath I could be sitting with the locals, chatting, sharing stories and someone will tell a ripper of a yarn that seems too good to be true. We'll all have tears in our eyes and our bellies hurt from a decent laugh which cleans out your soul. Its these little stories which can ignite another branch for my stories or help spur on a whole new one. Its these yarns that I like to fit into my books as much as possible, as sometimes you just can't think up stuff as perfect as them. 
So now i give you my books and see if you can tell which bits are real. Its also the characters of the bush. Not just one person but all of the people have parts that end up in my characters. She could be made up of ten people I have met or heard about. The courage of one, strength of another, humor of many...the list goes on. I think for a writer you need the ability to draw in your surroundings, experience them and then be able to share them.
Fiona is from Pingaring, in Western Australia, and she’s a real country girl, with a range of work experience including rouseabouting, tractor driving, and working on the grain silos – all great experiences shared by the heroine of her debut novel, The Family Farm. 
If you would like to know more of Fiona Palmer then you can go to her blog

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