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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reviews By You - Lina's Many Lives by Sally Rippin (Reviewed by Gina)

Lina’s Many Lives by Sally Rippin
Lina is trying to help in the school magazine, but Sarah Buttersworth, a mean girl, makes her life as miserable as can be. Meanwhile, Mary, a good friend of Lina’s, gets completely caught up with her new television, and Lina finds herself in a knot. Added to that, Lina’s mum doesn’t seem very well. Can Lina overcome all these problems, or will her decisions spell trouble?
The main character in Lina’s Many Lives is Lina. She, unlike her family who were born in Italy, was born in Australia. Lina wants to be a writer or a journalist, but she believes her family will not like her to. She believes her father wants her to study medicine or law. However, when her father shares some family secrets with her she finds that everything is not quite as it seems.
I found Lina’s Many Lives quite touching. It is great for children and adults because they learn many things about life in 1956 and if you were Italian, how you would be treated.
I think that people who are passionate about writing or want to be a journalist would like this book. This is because Lina liked writing and wanted to be a writer, so you can share the same dream. Also, if you have had similar experiences to Lina, you would like this book because you would know that other people had been through what you have.
Reviewed by Gina (9 years old) 

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