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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reviews By You - The Summer Gang by Cornelia Funke (Reviewed by Gina)

The Summer Gang by Cornelia Funke
Charlie, Hannah, Izzie and Xa meet up and decide to become a gang, called the C.H.I.X. after the first letters of their names. They soon find another gang called The Piranhas and the rivalry begins. Will the C.H.I.X. and The Piranhas finally make up, or will they keep on fighting?
The main character in The Summer Gang is Charlie, the leader of the C.H.I.X. This summer, her strict grandma, who usually has Charlie doing chores all around the house, is leaving for her sister’s house for a bit. Charlie is being left on her own in the house. But when Charlie invites the C.H.I.X. to her gran’s house, things get much more exciting…
I really liked The Summer Gang because it was very clear and detailed. This helped me understand the story better.
People who like adventure books would love The Summer Gang because this book is nothing but adventure, adventure and adventure!!!

Reviewed by Gina (9 years old)

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