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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Review - Battle Magic - Tamora Pierce

Battle MagicBattle Magic by Tamora Pierce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We get to see a different side to Rosethorn, Briar and Evvy. Their travels take them to the far side of the world and to the famed gardens of the Emperor, where they are at first treated with regard. After seeing things that make the group want to get out of the summer palace, they are then faced with the dilemma of helping Rosethorn fulfill her vows to the Living Circle or getting to safety when the Emperor decides to invade a neighbouring country where all religions are based in.

The only thing I was dissapointed in was the battle scenes. In previous books, Briar is haunted and changed about what happens in this book, but the battle scenes weren't very dteailed. I can understand Evvy's point of view, but it seemed to me to be a little glossed over. Apart from that, I really loved reading from Rosethorn's point of view and getting back to the world of the Winding Circle.

Very well written and I loved the characters. It is a must read!

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