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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Review - Ranger's Apprentice #12 Royal Ranger - John Flanagan

The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice, #12)The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved this series of books since they started. John Flanagan writes fantastic tales and you really get to know the characters well. We have watched Will Treaty grow up and become the legendary figure he is and now we get to the end of the series. It will be sad now we won't be reading anymore Will books, but John has left it open for a a new character to make an appearance, which I hope the author does indeed write.

Will Treaty is in mourning after a very horrific tragedy and his friends are worried for him, so they assign him an apprentice he can't refuse in hope of bring him out of his darkness. Well written, emotive and very funny in parts.

If you haven't tried this series then I highly suggest you do so!

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  1. Do you think there is a chance that maybe there will be another spin off series set in the same world but with different characters??? The ending maybe left open the possibility.

  2. I really hope Chris. I feel that the author has definitely left it open for another series. Fingers crossed there will be more in the world of Rangers.


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