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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keri Arthur Book Signing Blog Post

The delightful Keri Arthur arrived early from the airport on Friday the 3rd. We were waiting for our table to arrive and was like, OMG Keri is here and we aren't set up. She was in and out, quick as a flash dropping off her bags and heading out to find some lunch. Our table arrived, and I got to work setting it up.

Throughout the day, we had been getting calls asking what time was the Keri Arthur signing and such. Also we had a few customers come in early so they could get a good place in the line. Keri, throughly happy with her lunch, was straight into the signing. We had people waiting and they couldn't wait to meet with her and ask her questions. 

Tamara and her friend, dressed up with vampire teeth and brilliant corsets and jeans, just like one of the characters in Keri's books. It was fantastic! Here they are, flashing their fangs :D=

In a lull between people, I asked Keri a few questions that I had prepaired earlier hehe. These are the questions that we, as booksellers get asked by our customers.

Tarran: Did you think about self publishing?
Keri: No, it really wasn't an option when I first started to get published.
Tarran: Would you like your books to be made as a tv series or movie and what series would be better?
Keri: (throwing back her head and laughing) Yes! Please someone buy the rights! I would love for it to be turned into a tv show. I believe that the Reily Jenson series would make the best TV show.
Tarran: Now comes the standard question, where do you get the ideas for your books?
Keri: I have a very weird imagination and a lot of my story lines come from my dreams!
Tarran: Do you like your covers?
Keri: The new covers are fantastic! They(publishers) did a brilliant job on them. Got Reily as I see her in my head.
Tarran: How do you know if a book is going to be a series?
Keri: I don't until the end of the book. Reily Jenson was meant to be one book, then turned into three, then into nine.
Tarran: Are you under contract for certain amounts of books or do you have to negotiate for each one?
Keri: I am under contract.
Tarran: Who is your favourite character in the Reily Jenson series?
Keri: (laughs) Reily, of course. Also Leander.

It was a great day, we all had a lot of laughs and people were happy to meet Keri and get their books signed. It was too bad that the rain kept people from the shopping centre. As a thank you gift, we gave Keri a bottle of Patritti's Wines Chardonay - an excellent winery located in Brighton, S.A. If you like wine, then you have to check them out! All in all, excellent signing and we hope to see Keri again.

                                                                Keri with an excited customer

                                                              Robyn getting her book signed

                                                                  Keri and Tarran (Me)

                                                                  Keri and our rep Debbie

If you would like to know more about Keri's books, then go to her website or join her facebook fanpage. Also if you would like more information about Patritti Wines, A South Australian owned winery, then go here

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