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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 12 Bestsellers for November

Top 12 Bestsellers for November!

  1.       Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6 Cabin Fever – Jeff Kinney
  2.       Inheritance #4 Inheritance – Christopher Paolini
  3.      Sins of the Father -  Eamonn Duff
  4.       Discworld #33 Snuff – Terry Pratchett
  5.       Brotherband #1 Outcasts – John Flanagan
  6.     11 22 63 – Stephen King
  7.       Lola’s Secret – Monica McInerney
  8.       Afterwords PJ Keating – Paul Keating
  9.       Carpathians #19 Dark Predator – Christine Feehan
  10.      The Affair – Lee Child
  11.      Vampire Knight Manga – Matsuri Hino
  12.        Kelly Group #3 Hidden Away – Maya Banks

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  1. Re "Sins of the Father," Eamonn Duff's criminal informant, Malcolm McCauley, asserts in the book that the marijuana he was supplying was being sold in Bali (at that time), for $500 an ounce - whereas the United Nations Office on Drugs Crime, within their 2007 World Drug Report, quite clearly shows us that it was selling here in Australia for nearly $1,200 an ounce. The bizarreness of this proposition should be obvious to any sane person. Further, the Queensland Police issued formal certificates (and public statements), which prove Michael Corby Snr had no criminal record, and no connections to the drug trade. See to access the direct evidence of that. Unfortunately (as both the author and publisher of this book know), dead men are barred from suing for defamation via their surviving family.

    Update, 24 Nov 2011. Google: Col Chapman expendable & click on the top link to listen to a gripping interview by a long-time media insider, and private investigator, who has worked on the Schapelle Corby case for years. He completely debunks Eamonn Duff's claims.


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