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Friday, August 2, 2013

Author Interview - Mandy Magro - Flame Tree Hill

We asked the wonderful Mandy Magro, author of many Australian literary romance novels to answer some questions about her books.
Which one of your books is your favourite?

I would have to say my first novel, Rosalee Station, because it was the one that got me published. It has a lot of my own life entwined within the story and the heroine, Sarah, is very much like me. I also really enjoyed writing about the stockmen, they were a hoot, and by the end of the novel it felt like they were my mates. I know this may sound weird to some, but other writers will understand how connected we can become with our characters.

Do you have a name for your computer?

No I don’t, but that’s a brilliant question!!  Now you have me trying to think of one. Maybe, Apple Pie, or something similar, cause it’s an Apple Air…or maybe I’m just feeling like a piece of yummy apple pie and cream…okay, getting sidetracked here.

If you could have a cup of tea/coffee with someone from history who would it be and why?

It would be the legendary Johnny Cash, hands down! I adore the man and his musical talent. He has the most unique voice and I love the fact he was a bit of a bad boy. The love he and June Carter shared was one in a million, and to know he died only two months after her, well, need I say more…. *dreamy sigh*

What do you love most about writing?

I love the freedom of being able to write in my PJs, the way it has opened up my world to meeting a range of wonderful new people and also the fact I can touch people hearts in so many different ways through my writing. It’s very humbling indeed.  

How much research goes into your writing?

With my first novel, Rosalee Station, it was written from my own personal experiences living life on the land, so not a lot of research was needed. Jacaranda was similar in this way. Flame Tree Hill is based on my best mates cancer journey so quite a lot of research had to go into that one. Driftwood, my 4th, which is due out on November 1st, was once again based on my own life experiences-and has the country music legend, Adam Brand, in it as a character I must add! As for my 5th, which I am writing now, the leading man is a bomb dog handler in the Afghanistan war, as well as a country boy, so I’ve had to do a heck of a lot of research for this one…and I’m still researching!

If you could choose one of your books to give to someone, what book would it be?

It all depends on what age they are, if they are male or female and what kind of story they feel like reading. For men, I always say for them to read Rosalee Station, as it has quite a bit of rough and tumble seeing as it is set on a station, and the blokes in the book are typical Aussie larrikins that men would relate to. Jacaranda is more of a warm-hearted story for women and Flame Tree Hill is a tear-jerker, so a box of Kleenex, or three, is highly recommended. So all in all, it depends on the individual person, I think.
Why Australian romance?

I am so very proud of my country

What drew you into writing that genre?

I’m a very passionate person by nature so I love being able to put my fantasies onto the page and having the power to make the two main characters fall madly in love with each other. I’m a firm believer in leaving the bedroom door WIDE open in my novels, and I adore writing these scenes. Everyone wants to be in love, and to be loved deeply by another, so being able to write about it is such a blessing!

 Here is a bit about Mandy in her own words:

"I decided to put pen to paper about 4 years ago, writing about the many memorable adventures I've experienced on the land, from being a station cook, helping behind the chutes at rodeos, to being a fruit farmer. Little did I know this would be the beginning of my fantastic writing career with Penguin Australia, and I am now also writing for Harlequin Books Australia too!
Rosalee Station was my first rural romance novel and my second, Jacaranda, hit the shelves in 2012. My third, Flame Tree Hill, followed a year after in May 2013. My fourth novel, Driftwood, will be out on November 1st 2013-this book will have a small appearance by the fantastic Adam Brand! And I am now working on my fifth novel, Country At Heart. 

Like the saying goes, I'm as busy as a blue arse fly at a barbeque, but I love it! I'm obsessed and passionate about writing and it is something I hope to be able to do for the rest of my life."
Go visit Mandy on her website here

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