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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reviews By You - Red Samurai by Tiffiny Hall (Reviewed by Gina)

Red Samurai by Tiffiny Hall

Roxy Ran, a normal Year 7 girl’s life turns upside down when she finds out that she is the Ninja White Warrior. When she consumes the ancient ninja tiger scrolls, Roxy and her mother find themselves continuously fighting samurai, a ninja’s worst enemy. However, one time her enemy takes her by great surprise. Who shall win - the stealthy ninjas, or the evil samurai?
The main character in Red Samurai is Roxy Ran, who, in the first book of this brilliant series finds out that she is a ninja. She’s not just any ninja, but the strongest ninja of them all.  She is the White Warrior – who can control the elements. This humongous responsibility just adds to all the problems she is already having at school - getting bullied and her sister, Elecktra, still being mean to her. There has to be a meaning to all this hasn’t there? Roxy soon finds out, but she also finds the truth about her family. Can Roxy Ran cope with all this?
Tiffany Hall is a terrific author because she explains every single detail very clearly.  I could imagine every event, playing it one after another in my head, so I could truly enjoy the book. 
People who like reading ninja books or watching Jackie Chan movies would enjoy this book as much as I have. And even if you don’t, after you read this book, you’ll soon love it!

Reviewed by Gina (9 years old)

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