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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kryon Series Review - by Aaron

Today we have a customer review about a series of metaphysical books called 'Kryon' by Lee Carroll.

The books I'm reviewing are called KRYON, they are about an entity who is channelled by Lee Carroll. This being wants the human race to achieve its potential and is filled with love for everyone. In these books, there are many parables - these are used to explain things metaphorically with fictitious characters. There is one that I really enjoyed and I will explain why.

Aaron, the main character in this particular parable, was a very spiritual man and also very wealthy. In his fourtieth year he became distressed as he saw he was aging and would soon pass over into the spirit world. He went on a great quest in search of the Fountain of Youth, long he searched to no avail. Finally he was told of a thing called the Globe of Essence that would help his search. He travelled to the Wise Man, the Shaman and anywhere he could find information about the Globe of Essence. The day came when he stopped searching as he was out of ideas on where to find this item. He had searched high and low to become disappointed and in despair cried out to God,

"Why can't I find the Globe of Essence?"

Then with all his family and friends around him, Aaron died and passed into the spirital realms. When he 'woke' up he saw God standing before him and he realised that he was himself, the Globe of Essence. 

The point of this parable is to show us that we each have our own unique special place in ourselves. Aaron is a great character as he now is truly self aware through his lifes hardships. To reach this high level of self mastery one needs to show respect and desire to learn the teachings of many.

The point of these books is to help us understand and wake up to the possiblity of self awareness of our place in the world.  

 Thank you Aaron for your review. If anybody is interested in learning more then go to the Kryon website

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