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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I love about books

Books, what is it about them that draws us to them. Is it their covers? is it the authors? The plot is a must, that is a given; but what is it about books that is magical?
To me I love the smell of a new book, when you open up the pages and that smell rises from the pages. It is the excitment of a thrilling new adventure that is going to take place just as soon as I settle down and start reading.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende captured that feeling, a good book should draw you into its life and will not let you go until you have tasted every drop of story you can from it. Over the years I have found many great authors that do this, they create a world where you can imagine yourself in and be it fantasy, crime or general fiction the end result is the same. You come away from the experience with a smile on your face. I have also read many horrible books as well and have come away wanting to.... cover your ears my books.....throw the book at the wall (I never have) 
I love books that make me laugh and cry, that is one way I judge a book. Cecila Ahern can make me cry in every book she writes, so I continue to read them. Paul Carter makes me laugh in his hilierous biographys so I will eagerly wait for the next one. A good book captures the emotions and leaves us wanting more. 

Tamora Pierce is a classic fantasy author who I started to read when I was 12, I am now 27 and each time a new book comes out I quickly grab it before its even out of the box (I love working in a bookstore, though my bank doesn't)

What is it that drives you my readers to buy and read the books you do?

Michael Ende - Neverending Story
Paul Carter - Don't tell Mum I work on the rigs, she thinks I am a piano player in a whorehouse
Ceceila Ahern - Book of Tomorrow, P.S I Love you, and more
Tamora Pierce - Song of the Lioness Quartet, Immortals Quartet, and more

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