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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

REVIEW Dream of Asarlai #2 Power Unbound - Nicole Murphy

Dream of Asarlai #2 Power Unbound

By Nicole Murphy
ISBN: 9780732291624
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For centuries, the gadda have worked to keep their identity secret from the rapidly expanding human race. All this is now at risk - the most terrible of gadda teachings, the Forbidden Texts, have been stolen and the race is on to find them.
Ione Gorton may have got her best friend back from Australia, but Maggies elevation to the ranks of the guardians means that shes not around as much.
And when Stephen OMalley, almost the youngest (and definitely the hottest) ever candidate for the sixth-order test, needs a place to stay after still more strange violence hits Sclossin, Ione is all too happy to lend a hand ...
But Ione, like Maggie before her, is soon a target for the forces behind the theft of the Forbidden Texts, and the now-urgent search for the artefact will change life for gadda and human alike.

This book picks up where ‘Secret Ones’ left off.  We still don’t know who Asarlai is, but we know she is bad trouble. The gadda are desperately trying to find out who stole the Forbidden Texts and chaos is breaking out.
In comes Maggie’s best friend Ione who is a powerless gadda, even though she comes from a very powerful gadda family. She is a widow with a young son Jack. Due to an act of terror at the local inn her electricity is down (she is the only gadda to use it) So she goes to stay with Maggie while Stephen O’Malley, who has come back to Sclossin and was caught in the outcome of the terrorist act, to take his 6th Order test uses her home to study for the test. It is this situation that they encounter the two different parties of politics among the gadda, humanist and purists.
Events conspire to throw these two souls together and they find love, but not only must they contend with the purists, Asarlai, and Godzilla, they must also deal with Stephen’s past.

The pace is nice, there is action and romance but most importantly....the plot thickens and you are able to start guessing who Asarlai is... This is a fantastic series that has me hooked so far!!

Highly recommened!!

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