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Monday, December 6, 2010

Our day with Dr Karl

Our day with Dr Karl.
All week we had been getting calls asking about the Dr Karl signing. Our customers were very excited to be meeting the man they watch on Sleek Geeks and who they listen to on the radio. We had been selling copies of 'Curious & Curiouser' and 'Dinosaurs aren't Dead' and putting them aside for the people who couldn't make it. 
On the day customers started to come into the store a few hours early to grab their books and it was a good thing they did. By 11:45 we had a long line of people all excited and filled with energy. We got them to line up near our new releases wall so we weren't blocking the other shops and I ran around like a headless chicken with a clipboard trying to get things under way. Only thing missing was....Dr Karl.
The man himself was running a few minutes late as he had a busy schedule but everybody was fine about waiting, after all they were getting to meet the great Dr Karl!!
A few minutes after 12, Dr Karl and his publicist arrived and the signing started. He was wearing a fantastic blue and white polka dot shirt (the same one as on the cover of Curious & Curiouser) and had a name tag that was an LCD sidescroller.
He was a very tall man... and he made jokes about how he was taller than what people expected. It was a fun day, people were asking science questions, one man was interviewing Dr Karl and filming it.
A lot of Christmas presents got purchased that day!! Myself included got signed a copy of 'Dinosaurs aren't Dead'.
A very energetic man, Dr Karl signed away and posed in many different poses for the camera. I(Tarran) of course was the photographer and took as many pictures as I could before the batteries ran out. We went through 3 pairs of batteries that day....

All in all it was a fantastic day and we loved meeting Dr Karl!!!
If you want more information about Dr Karl, then visit his website 


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