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Friday, August 19, 2011

Our day with Tony Park!

Yesterday at 3:30 we had Tony Park in for a signing. The first thing we noticed was that he was very tall. The second was that he was super nice. Tony and his publicist Jace, came early while I was just finishing setting up the signing table. 

A few of Tony's fans came to see him and get their books signed and to get pictures :D

Tony and I had a good chat about Africa, his travels, animals, cultural differences and it was extremely fasinating. We could of done with a few more people showing up but we broke Tony's instore signing record (so he said, I doubt that though hahaha) He said that when you are in South Africa, you could be in Australia. They have Gum Tree plantations and the climate is similar. One of the main differences is the fact they have lions, rhinos, and other wild beasties we don't.
A very good talker and South Africa is such an interesting topic that is close to Tony's heart. One question I asked him was, "Do you draw inspritation from Africa?" and Tony said that he would never run out of inspiriation with Africa as a subject. Ideas abound from that land and he will never be at a loss for stories. 

We really enjoyed our time with Tony and Jace, whom I had a great talk to about different things. Both were lovely men and we hope to have Tony in the store again.
We have instore signed copies of Tony's books for anyone who couldn't make it to the signing. If you want to know more about Tony, then you can head over to his website or to the Pan Macmillan site here

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