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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Penguin Teen Australia: News: The Red Queen Obernewtyn Chronicles Release ...

Penguin Teen Australia: News: The Red Queen Obernewtyn Chronicles Release ...: Penguin Australia would like fans of Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles to know that we have made the decision to move The Red Queen from its planned 2013 release to an unscheduled date. We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone, that Isobelle remains absolutely committed to the Obernewtyn Chronicles. The series has been an enormous part Isobelle’s life for over 25 years, and we strongly believe Isobelle should take the time she needs to make this installment, the very best yet

A message from Isobelle Carmody:
I understand you have been waiting, impatiently or patiently, some of you for literally years. I thank you and I am touched and honoured that so many of you did not grow out of me, but have allowed Elspeth to visit you through the years. If you are one of these readers, then we have shared a long journey, and it is coming to an end. Forgive me for not rushing it but with each step, I am saying goodbye to a world I have loved.

Let me hone and polish and conclude this last book at my own pace, without furious pressure. I promise it will be a better book for it. And isn’t that what we all want, in the end? Not a book produced to fit a deadline, but a book that was worth waiting for. 

A message from Laura Harris, Publishing Director, Penguin Young Readers:
I can understand how frustrating it must be to see Obernewtyn as incomplete, and I know many of Isobelle Carmody fans feel this way. I completely empathise with their disappointment over this latest announcement.

Unfortunately, it’s about fulfilling an artistic and truthful conclusion to the series, and inspiration and quality writing don’t always come as we expect it will. Isobelle would never be satisfied in pushing out an inferior piece of work, and we respectfully stand by her on this front.

Please note: The Red Queen refers to the unpublished final book in the Obernewtyn series. In North America, The Sending is published as two separate books, Part 1 titled The Sending and Part 2 titled The Red Queen.

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