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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review - End Specialist - Drew Magary

The End SpecialistThe End Specialist by Drew Magary

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Tarran Jones

This book was interesting. 

It is the year 2019. The cure for ageing has been discovered. If you get the cure, you will never suffer from the ache and pains of the old, you will always retain your youthful looks and you will never leave your loved ones behind. Do you get the cure?

The book opens with a warning. Recordings have been found about the years when the cure for ageing was discovered. In this world, you can still die of disease, murder etc - just not old age. Unseen footage and notes from a man called John Farrell. You follow John's very long life as he takes the cure and watches all he loves turn to dust. A very moving and disturbing tale for you can actually see where the world would end up if there really was a cure for ageing. There are Peter Pan babies (babies who were given the cure and will be forever babies) Cycle marriages, Birth date tattoos. It opens up the question,is mankind really ready for long lives and what damage would be done to the planet if we were?
A thought provoking book that I enojyed. I wouldn't classify it as a fantasy or even paranormal novel. It is a well written fiction based on what if. This is due to come out 29/09/2011 in Australia. A great read for bookclubs.

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