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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FREE GIVE AWAY - Star Wars Unleashed

We have a copy of Sean Williams Star Wars: Force Unleashed Novel up for grabs!

All you have to do is comment on the blog why you would like a copy.

The winner will announced Thursday morning 12th August!!


  1. I am participating in an online debate titled Chocolate Wars on the Coles Online blog, and have written a Star Wars parody for my entry. We are all big fans in this family and it would be incredible timing to win this book this week, so my kids can have it as a thankyou for helping me research for the blog. Here's the link:

  2. Basically - Star Wars saved my life. On top of the fact that Sean Williams is my favorite author. Years ago I went through a dark time mentally, really bad actually. I have a disability and had a few problems socially. Star Wars provided me an outlet and another reality. I can't afford to buy this book right now so i really hope to win this! If not, awesome blog anyway. I love it here.

  3. Competition Closed! Will Post winner on main page!


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