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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Star Wars Force Unleashed Giveaway Winner

We want to thank all who entered! Those that did not win please don't despair as the ever kind Sean Williams has kindly agreed to give us a copy of the newly released OLD REPUBLIC: FATAL ALLIANCE to giveaway, so keep your eyes out for it!

Now to get to the part that you are wanting to know; who the winner is.
We had a staff disscusion and decided that,

DRUM ROLL.........

The Winner is Sean Smith!

Can you please email your address to us and we will post out the book to you.
Angus & Robertson Edwardstown Email

                                                         Thank you all who entered!

P.S Cate P your story was fantastic! It made us all giggle over the chocolate wars!
For anyone who has not read it then go to Chocolate Wars Story and check it out. Defintaly worth it!


  1. Thanks, I would've given to Sean too. Thanks for the Chocolate Wars plug (hope you voted for my team, ahem)

  2. Haha well I don't think that white chocolate is choc.... please don't hurt me :) But we voted for you anyways!

    We enjoyed your story very much though.


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