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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things seen in a bookstore

What type of books are you most interested in seeing in a bookstore?

We have one customer, when we were just starting to get all the paranormal titles in, she was fantastic! She let us know what type of books she was interested in and so we started to get them in for her. Now our paranormal section has gone from one shelf to a whole bay, which sometimes over flows.

Another example is our Manga section as well, we had a few Manga books, but we kept getting asked for them so we stocked up on the ones the customers wanted and now we can take a chance on new titles as well.

This blog post is about as a customer do not be afraid to ask for something to be ordered in! If we don't stock it then please do ask. We really like feedback on what type of books you would like to see in your bookstore!

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