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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Giveaways

We have FIVE book packs to give away. There will be a 10 short stories book by excellent Australian authors and Tickled Onions by Morris Gleitzman, included in the pack will be a mystery book as well. So all up you will be receiving THREE books.

All you have to do is tell us a funny true short story on the blog and you can be in it to win! Only open to Australian Residents and closes 8th October .  


  1. This is a true story, don't know if it's what you're after.....

    Traveling along the motorway on a long and boring trip, my sister suddenly turns to my cousin and asks "What's fatigoo?"

    "Fatigoo? What do you mean fatigoo, where did you see it?" my cousin asked.

    "I was just reading the signs along the road and saw it on one" she replied.

    My cousin puzzled over this for a while, trying to think what 'fatigoo' could possibly be. Coming up with nothing, she tells my sister to keep her eyes peeled and if she sees a sign with 'fatigoo' again to let her know.

    The trip continues on, the girls chat every now again, when, at the top of her lungs, my sister screams "There, see that sign, that's the one, it has 'fatigoo' on it"

    My cousin looks up to the road to the sign my sister is pointing at. She reads it once, reads it twice, and just as she passes the sign it dawns on her what my sister is talking about and she almost has to pull over she's laughing so hard.

    She turns to my sister and says "Fatigue! It's fatigue, not fatigoo, you goose!"

    Almost 10 years later, my sister is 26 and she still hasn't lived that down!

  2. That is classic!! I think we have all had moments like that :D That is exctully what we want. It is these moments in life that authors try to capture for their own short stories!! Lets keep it up!

  3. One time when I was around 7 a friend of mine use to always go to church. One day she invited me along and so I went. I badly needed glasses to read long distances but refused to get them (me being the difficult child lol)

    As the were starting to sing a hymn I sqinted at the white screen trying to read the words.. I remember thinking "this is a strange song" as I started to sing the words boring boring, instead of glory glory.

    I had never been to church before and lets just say I wasn't invited again haha. After that I went and got some glasses.

  4. It was my first skiing trip. I wasn't long married, and we were as poor as church mice, so when my parents took my little brothers skiing to Falls Creek and invited us along, we jumped at the chance. It was a brilliant week, except for one small incident …

    It's Day Two. I've mastered the snowplough turn, but my braking is still shaky. I'm skiing down a very gentle beginners slope with my eight-years-younger little brother. Without warning, I find myself hurtling towards some concrete stairs leading down an embankment into a building. There is no way to stop, and I'm pretty sure that if I go down those stairs headfirst, I'm going to break my neck. LB is no use, he's way behind me now. I'm on my own.

    The only solution is to fall over and hope for the best, so I drop into a long slide, close my eyes and grit my teeth. I come to a stop with my skis firmly embedded into the snow banks on either side of the top step.

    I am covered in snow, completely stuck, wedged in hard. Little Brother has caught up, but he's hopelessly doubled up with laughter and no use to anybody. I wriggle and flounder to no avail.

    Suddenly a tall figure sweeps into my vision and executes a neat stop beside me, showering me with more snow. It's a gorgeous young man - the classic hot ski instructor type - delicious!

    He has one arm in a sling, and reaches down with the other arm. I managed to stop goggling long enough to grab hold, and he hauls me bodily back onto my feet.

    I manage to wipe the worst of the snow from my goggles. Yes, he IS gorgeous. I resemble a yeti and my mouth is full of snow. By this time, LB has recovered his composure and come to stand next to me.

    And before I get the chance to introduce myself to hot ski instructor properly, he turns to LB, grins at him and says “you need to take better care OF YOUR MOTHER".

    LB collapses in a pile of hilarity and I have never lived it down.


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