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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Con (AussieCon 4) Day 3

World Con (AussieCon 4)
Day 3:  Saturday 4/09/10
By this stage I am feeling it. Days of constantly running around and walking up and down those monstrous steps! (I caved and got on the escalators, I just did not look over the edge and had a death grip on the side)
Another full day was planned; to start with I went to the Duncan Lay signing. Now this is a man who knows how to engage his audience! His series is Dragon Sword Histories and the first book is ‘Wounded Guardian’ it is fantastic!! I loved every moment of it.
I got him to sign my bookplates (I didn’t bring my books, there are wayyyyyyy to many of them) We chatted for the rest of the hour and then I got once more into a line for signings. This time it was for Fiona McIntosh, Michael Pryor. Both are brilliant authors and fantastic funny people. Michael writes the series Laws of Magic, of which ‘Blaze of Glory’ is the first one! And Fiona, well Fiona has too many series to list. Her latest one is the Valisar series, of which; Kings Wrath is the first and last.
Then I went and caught the end of the George R R Martin reading. Yes my friends he too was there!
I then rushed just before the masses and made it to the signing hall. Right after his reading, George R R Martin was doing a signing and I had scored myself a place proberly 6th in line. Not only was George signing but Jennifer Fallon  (who is awesome lady who has her own Seal Stamp), Jean Johnson and Jay Lake.

I spent the rest of that hour getting pictures and getting signatures. I did make it to the last ten minutes of a panel called Pitching the Novel, and that was fascinating.
I swear this day was the day for signings! I practically lived in the signings room. After the panel I went back and had to wait again, yes you know it, in a line for Gail Carriger who writes the PARASOL PROTECTORATE series. The third Blameless was released for the Con!
Then Lunch. At 3 I had a kaffeelatsche with Mary Victoria. That was great! Met some really nice people around that table.  Then the next stop was a panel called Thinking in Trilogies, with Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh, Glenda Larke and Russell Fitzpatrick.
Then I wondered about taking in all the interesting costumes and people. It wasn’t long before I had to leave for the day.

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