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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Con (AussieCon 4) Day 1

World Con (AussieCon 4)
Day 1:  Thursday 2/09/10
There was a lot of waiting on day one. I got to the convention centre quite early because my friend had to work and so I ate my sandwich (which was meant for lunch) and did a bit of reading till about 8.30.  Then I noticed a lot of people with badges, shiny blue badges with their names on it. Unbeknownst to me, people had started to come into the convention centre and were lining up to register. So I hightailed it to the registration desk and got MY shiny blue badge with my name on it.
 I oohhed and ahhed over it and took a picture of it.
Then there was more waiting..... Convention did not start until 2pm. 

 I wandered around, took a picture of my Mocha cup and napkin tray.

 The program kit was delayed so I could not see what I wanted to do so I picked up my book and started reading again. This is why one must always carry a book in their bag >.<
I sat down on one of the many comfy couches and started to read, but my concentration was shot, I was soo excited.
 I put said book away and took some pictures of the outside of the Convention Centre.
As I was sitting there I thought to myself; self this is a wonderful opportunity to go do some shopping. There was a lady with a map sitting right next to me and a gentleman with his family standing next to her. I asked her, did the map show where the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) was. In the end a group of around ten of us decided to go together and find it. To our shock and horror all the shops were closed: at 9.00am.
So we wandered around till 10am window shopping; remember we did not have to be back until 1:30pm at the latest.
After a bit of shopping I found myself alone again and wandered back to the convention centre where I met up with the lady that had the map. Her name was Barbara, and she was lovely. We kept each other company till the programs were released. We got our Voyager bags and opened them up and found all sorts of goodies inside.
Barbara and I went to lunch with her daughter and then our table expanded as other Aussie Con goers saw our badges and asked to sit with us. All in all, it was a great lunch everyone was really nice.
 Now the fun began, it was 2pm and the opening ceremony was taking place
I got some funky photos this is my favourite

Then after that I went to the dealers room and looked around. There was so much going on, I decided to go to some panels and they were great!

One of my favourites for that day was Magic Mean Streets: The city as a fantasy location. Trudi Canavan, Ellen Kushner and Carol Ryles were the panel for this one.

 Then my friend came to pick me up and that was the end of the first day of Aussie Con 4. I had a ball!


  1. I missed meeting you - :( maybe next time.

  2. I know!! I was looking forward to meeting you too! Definatly next time! Maybe if you come to Adelaide you could come see us :)


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