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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Con (AussieCon 4) Day 2

World Con (AussieCon 4)
Day 2: Friday 3/09/10

A pretty full on day this one was. It started uneventfully until I burned my arm with scalding hot water. That was fun times, and then I got to the convention centre a little late due to said arm.
I rushed to sign up for a Kaffeeklatsche with Jean Johnson. (For those that don’t know what a Kaffeeklatsche is, it is a small group discussion with authors and you have coffee.)
Then I rushed up stairs, yes I took the stairs because I am afraid of heights hence escalators freak me out, and that nearly killed me.
There were MANY MANY stairs, huffing and out of breath I rushed to the signing Mary Victoria was doing at that moment. If you have not read Mary’s book THEN DO SO NOW! It is fantastic, it is called ‘Tymon’s Flight’ and is set in a massive World Tree the size of the Himalayas.
I spent the rest of the hour talking to this great lady, whose airline had left her luggage in Wellington. For the next hour I got into line for the Juliet Marillier signing, then rushed off to my Kaffeeklatsche with Jean Johnson.

Jean Johnson writes paranormal/urban romance. Her series is called ‘Sons of Destiny’ and the first one is ‘The Sword

After that was done, my next stop was the panel – The Hero’s Journey and the rites of passage. Joining me straight from the plane was Kim Falconer who writes her fantastic series ‘Quantum Enchantment’ and has a new book out called ‘Path of the Stray’ which is the first book in her prequel series ‘Quantum Encryption’
Kim was sick with the dreaded flu, and had to leave the panel and the Con early. I hope she is feeling much better now!!

Then it was time for lunch as my stomach kept reminding me. Getting quite tried at this point so I got myself a Mocha and sat down till 3, when the Mary Victoria reading was meant to happen. Unfortunately it got moved to another time slot and no one knew. Went to a different panel and mooched about till the Mapmaking for Fantasy Authors with Russell Kirkpatrick started. This panel went for two hours and was fantastic!!! Russell was very funny and brilliant with maps. His books are filled with detailed maps he draws himself. His Trilogies are Fire of Heaven and Husk Trilogy
Then it was time to go.

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