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Monday, November 15, 2010

Amelia Peabody #8 Hippopotamus Pool Review

When a masked stranger offers to reveal an Egyptian queen's lost tomb to Amelia and Emerson in 1900, they are intrigued to say the least. But the guide mysteriously disappears, leaving them to sail to Thebes to follow his trail. The fact that Ramses and Nefret are along on the journey both helps and hampers efforts to solve this mystery. Soon all four are risking their lives as they foil kidnappers, grave robbers and ancient curses. And intrepid Amelia finds herself faced with a surprising new villain who is every bit as clever and resourceful as she is!

The title of the book comes from an ancient Egyptian tale about warring princes Apophis and Sekenenre, wherein Apophis sends Sekenenre a message: "The roaring of the hippopotami in your pools prevents me from sleeping! Hunt them and kill them, that I may rest." There are also several references to the goddess Taueret, who is represented as a hippo.
As Amelia tries to untie the mystery of who is doing what to whom, she and Nefret begin to refer to Riccetti's group as the "Hippopotamus Gang".

I really love this series, you get everything in one book. History, Adventure, Crime and Romance.

Amelia is such a great character, in this book you get to see the softer more maternal side of her. Ramses gets himself into a bit of trouble (which is no suprise) Neferet has come out of her shell, and you can see the affect both Amelia and Ramses that she has. The one character that really comes into her own is Evelyn, after dealing with a tragic death she sort of hibernates into herself then when she is pushed a strong woman comes to the fore and this affects her relationship with everyone around her. Thrilling and suspenseful the plot drives you with enough action to make you not want to put the book down.  

This series is highly recommended!!

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