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Monday, November 22, 2010

Traci Harding's Inspiration behind her latest books!

With Traci Harding's new book due for release in December, I asked Traci what was the inspiritation behind her lastest series.

                     Traci Harding on ‘the Triad of Being’
                        and the books that inspired it.

My current trilogy, The Triad of Being, was strongly influenced by two books by the same author - both of which were equally insightful.

The Fieldthe Quest for the secret force of the universe’ by Lynne McTaggart.

Anyone who knows my work will realise that I was bound to be attracted by this title. All the esoteric knowledge I had gleaned over the years, in an attempt to explain my take on the universal scheme, I found laid out in this book in fairly easy to understand scientific terms. A large portion of the research and experimentation herein is focused on the Zero Point Field - an ocean of microscopic vibrations that appear to connect everything in the universe.
Zero Point Field Theory was a little known area of research that I have been looking into since I wrote ‘the Alchemist’s Key’ back in 1998 and discovered the work of David Hudson - which I was very excited see explored in the latter part of this book.
Of course many of these frontier scientists were not being taken seriously in academic realms, and some were completely outcast for attempting to turn outdated Newton theory on its head. Still, as Lynne McTaggart discovered, if you put all the individual findings of these scientists together, it is clear that these men and woman are breaking new ground in the great quest of discovering how reality, and the universe, works!
There are some fairly gruesome experiments in ‘the Field’, but the mysteries they shed light on, compelled me the start writing ‘Being of the Field’ and gave me a whole fresh take of the universal mysteries I had been studying for years.
The trouble with writing ‘Being of the Field’ was that, I got all inspired and five chapters into the story – right before that hot and steamy scene on Oceane, for those who have read the book – I was called to a meeting at my publishers. At that meeting we discussed the possibility of making ‘Gene Of Isis’ a trilogy, which of course we did - ‘Being of the Field’ was put on the backburner.
Two books and three years later, I finally got back to my hot and steamy moment on Oceane, and Lynne McTaggart had released another, even more insightful and inspiring, book!

The Intension Experimentuse your thoughts to change the world’ by Lynne McTaggart.

This book took all the research from Lynne’s previous book and turned it into a living, breathing experiment. ‘The Intension Experiment’ could be followed on the internet and readers of the books were invited to become involved. Some of the case studies herein were completely mind-blowing and presented wonderful scenarios for a science-fiction book.
The plant hooked up to the lie detector and then threatened with harm, in an attempt to prove a ‘plant telepathy’ theory, is very revealing! The lie detector registered a reaction from the plant, but only once the person threatening it truly engaged an intension to harm - mere words didn’t register a reaction at all - the plant didn’t need a lie detector to know its assailant’s true intension. Also the plant registered a reaction to the intent to harm before the physical act was carried out. 
The plant could even sense the stress of the bacteria in the sink in the kitchen, every time boiling water was poured down the drain. When you consider this on a much larger scale, you have wonder what we are doing to ourselves, each other and our world with, what most consider to be, harmless thoughts. I borrowed from that gem of an experiment for a scene in ‘the Black Madonna’ – but that’s another series.
Still, I think the experiment that was the most mind-boggling for me, was the one intended to prove that we can effect the past as easily as we effect the future. There were many case studies in these books, involving sick patients receiving healing from others through prayer, meditation etc. Half of a case study group received healing and half did not - the half that did receive the healing always showed significant improvement and in this study the results were uniform.

The big difference was that the healing was sent from the healers to their patients several years after their healing had already taken place. What a lovely paradox and the implications are mind-blowing! This could be likened to a composer hearing his score performed by an orchestra, long before he’d ever set pen to paper on its composition. But then, didn’t Mozart and Beethoven always hear the completed score in their head while they were composing? I know when I write, I feel like I am taking diction of an already completed work, which plays out before my eyes like a motion picture – is that just my consciousness picking up on a future reality? Only time will tell. 
The work of this small group of scientists is gradually vindicating what I have believed for most of my life - that we do create our own reality and that our own good intensions are our most powerful tool for doing so. 
Even readers who are not particularly scientifically minded can’t fail to be intrigued by how these truly great minds work and what their discoveries now could mean for the future of science, mankind and our little planet.
If, however, you would like to take in this scientific information with a good dose of adventure, mystery, love and fun, then why not give my new trilogy a read?

The Triad of Being :

Book 1 - ‘Being of the Field’ released December 2009
Book 2 - ‘The Universe Parallel’ released December 2010


All the very best
Traci Harding

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