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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Questions and Answers from Robert Muchamore - Cherub & Henderson Boys

I contacted Mr Muchamore the other day and asked him a few questions. Robert Muchamore is the bestselling author of the 'Cherub' and 'Henderson Boys' teen series. 

CHERUB is a series of young adult spy novels, written by Robert Muchamore, focusing around a division of the British Security Service named CHERUB, which employs minors, predominantly orphans, as intelligence officers.
Initially, the series follows James Choke, or James Adams, which is his CHERUB name, as he enters CHERUB and performs various missions. However, the focus later turns to his sister Lauren and several other characters who get vital roles in the novels. The initial series of twelve books runs from the recruitment of James Adams through to his retirement from CHERUB at age 17.

              A&R: Can you explain what gave you the idea for CHERUB?

 My Aussie nephew constantly moaning that he had no interesting books to read!

  A&R:Which character was the hardest to write? Which one was the easiest? Are any of your characters based on people you know or purely imaginative?

 Err dunno which one was hardest. James is easy cos he's a cool version of myself. I never base characters on real people in case they beat me up!

          A&R: What excites you about writing?

  Money, fame, but most of all not having to get out of bed and go work in an office.

         A&R: What adventures will be next for your characters?

 That would be telling, but there's a new website online at

Name: Robert Kilgore Muchamore
Best Friend: Invisible Eric, who lives in my toilet cistern
Ambition: To become the 4th Powerpuff Girl
First Book Published: The Recruit, April 2004
Lives: London, UK
Previous Jobs: Camera salesman, Private Investigator

Check out Shadow Wave, it is the last year James Adams has till he graduates Cherub!!

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