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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our day with Sean Williams

Yesterday as you all know we had the awesome Sean Williams in for a book signing. He was promoting his new childrens series 'The Fixers' to which the first book is "Castle of Zombies"

Ollie didn’t want to move in the first place. His parents dragged him to this new house in a strange neighbourhood where nothing seems to work. When he’s woken by workmen in the middle of the night it seems par for the course, but when he heads downstairs to investigate he finds himself thrown into a strange new world. Here he encounters a castle, filled with zombie-like denizens and animated suits of armour. But there’s something strange about the castle itself too: could it somehow be— alive? Suddenly, boring old home seems a lot more attractive

A fantastic series and is great for children ages 8-11

Then two hours before Sean was to arrived we recieved a phone call from the local Star Wars 501st Legion costumers group. They wanted to send some Storm Troopers down for the signing. Not only does Sean do his own sci fi/fantasy books, he also writes Star Wars books!!
So now we had a great author coming and Storm Troopers!! How excited we were :D and as it was a saturday there would be a lot of kids around as well to join in the excitement.

Our Storm Troopers arrived first and got changed into their costumes, then Sean arrived. Our table was just set up for him and we were all ready to go. Some customers had already arrived waiting for him to get ready for signing.

It was so much fun, there were a lot of people loving the Storm Troopers and Imperial Guard. In fact they scared a few people because everyone thought they were statues. 

Even the Storm Troopers were getting in on the reading. It was a fantastic time and we all had a heap of fun!! Thank you to Sean Williams for signing and to the 501st Legion for coming and being such good sports!!!

More Photos are up on our facebook page, so go check them out!!


  1. Great pictures from the signing! It looks like it was fun.


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