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Friday, June 21, 2013

Books - What they mean - By Tarran


Magical, mysterious and full of wonder.  Books can take you on fantastic journeys through time and space. They can make you feel so good and they can make your skin crawl. The life of a book is renewed every time a reader cracks open a cover. Once upon a time is ingrained on our psyches and prepares us for an epic adventure no matter what genre you are reading. 

When you open a book, the first thing you enjoy is the feel of the cover. Some books have a glossy texture, matte or even that leather feel. Your fingers glide over the surface as you eagerly read the blurb of your chosen book. Some covers have generic pictures while other tantalise your mind and leave you wanting. 

The next thing you embrace is the pages. Crisp white pages, cream pages, yellow pages. New, cracked and torn. Thick black text, small smudged writing. Some pages are made with thin; nearly see through paper like bibles or thick coarse paper with decorated edges. Comes with plain, gold lined, coloured.

Once you are over the cover and paper, you are then hit with the smell. Breathe in, breath out. Inhaling the words authors have painstakingly wrote, their ideas and love are filling those pages. The smell of a book is a fantastic thing. How to describe the scent of a new book? I’m not sure if you can. It is one of those things that mean different things to different people.  An old book will carry the scents of their owners. The smell of an old book can immediately take you to another time in your history and you can immediately remember where you were and who you were with when you breathe in the smell of an old book. 

 Now we come to the crux of the book. We come to the place where ideas are turned into other worlds. All fiction is fantasy, whether it is general fiction, romance, horror, crime, paranormal or fantasy. A well written book can entice, tease and tantalise you. It can make you cry, laugh out loud, snort or even throw it in anger. The glee and excitement a book can bring to somebody is awesome to see. The eagerness to get home and read, the I can’t wait feeling to see what your favourite characters have been up too is something you have to experience.  

Then once you have finished your adventure you can put it away and re read later, always picking up on things that you missed the first time through. Or you can share the love and give your book to someone else you will appreciate it. All these elements are what makes reading a book a beautiful thing. You cannot replace the weight of a book in your hands, the ink stains on your fingers and contented feeling in your heart.

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