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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reviews by You - Once by Morris Gleitzman ( Reviewed by Gina)

Please welcome Gina

Once by Morris Gleitzman
A boy named Felix has to escape from an orphanage in Poland to find his parents. He gets out successfully but he does not know what is ahead of him.
My favourite part of the story is when Felix finds the whole carrot in his soup and thinks it is a sign that his parents are coming to fetch him from the orphanage. I liked this bit because I liked his positive attitude.
Felix and Zelda are the main characters in ‘Once’. Felix is a young Jewish boy, whose parents are booksellers. Felix had been sent to an orphanage because the situation is getting worse and worse for the Jewish people because of the war. Felix has not seen his parents for 3 years and 8 months, so he decided to set off on a long dangerous journey to find his parents. Felix found a little girl named Zelda along the way.
I think this story is quite touching. Once is great for children to read for fun but also great for their education. It helps them learn about what they would have experienced in World War II.  I think Felix and Zelda were very lucky because they survived when they jumped off the train unlike their poor friend Chaya.
Anyone who likes Paul Jennings’ books would certainly enjoy Once as they both have many twists and turns within the story.

Reviewed by Gina (9 years old)

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