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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reviews by You - Last Elephant by Justin D'ath (Reviewed by Dayna)

Welcome 10yr old Dayna reviewing 'Last Elephant' by Justin D'Ath

The Last Elephant by Justin D'Ath
Rat flu has wiped out nearly every animal and bird in the world. The animals in Captain Noah’s Lost World Circus are the last of their kind. The rat cops are trying very hard to shut down the circus because the rat flu has infected some of the animals in the circus. Colt and his Flying Flynn friend Birdy are the only ones who can save the circus, and of course the last elephant Lucy.
My favourite part of the story is when Colt and Birdy are trying to escape from the death farm with Lucy.
The main characters are Colt and Lucy. I particularly like Lucy because I like elephants.
I liked this book because it is a really caring story. It has a boy who falls in love with an elephant and tries to save her, even when things get hard.
People who are elephant lovers or enjoy stories that involve animals will really enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Dayna (10 years old)

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