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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reviews by You - Floods #12 Bewitched by Colin Thompson (Reviewed by Gina)

Gina reviews The Floods #12- Bewitched

The Floods #12- Bewitched by Colin Thompson
Nerlin Flood, King of the witch and wizard land, Transylvania Waters, slowly grows old, and starts to become totally Doolally. (This is the scientific witch and wizard word of ‘crazy’.) Nerlin’s family need a way to cure him, and fast…or suffer the consequences.
The Floods, the Old Crones and Gruinard are the main characters in Bewitched. The Floods are very funny and unique. The Old Crones are clever, especially the top Old Crone, Quenelle. Gruinard is also clever, and can cure many sicknesses. They are all great, interesting characters.
I liked Bewitched because it was funny, especially the first chapter. Even the first sentence - ‘I can’t find my socks!’- made me laugh because it was such an unusual way to start a book. Bewitched is also interesting because the story has been told from many perspectives. In this way it is different from normal novels because the characters and the way it has been told make it special.
People who like books that have lots of humour in them would love any of the books in The Floods series. They are all extremely funny.

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