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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reviews By You - The HIdden Monastery by Gabrielle Wang (Reviewed by Gina)

The Abbot said, 'Peng is so powerful he can fill up the whole sky, and yet shrink so small he can sit on a blade of grass without it bending under his weight.'
'No creature on earth can do that!' said Jax.
'But Peng is not from this world,' the Abbot replied.

From the moment Peng fell from the stars as a tiny young creature, he and Jax have been connected. But it is not until twelve years later, when Jax stumbles across a mysterious monastery hidden deep in an ancient rainforest park, that he begins to discover his destiny – and what it means to be a Peng Master . .

The Hidden Monastery by Gabrielle Wang
Jax was lost in the woods when he stumbled upon The Whispering Cloud Monastery. This is when his old and normal life slowly disappeared behind him and he stepped into a totally new world. He meets Yu Yu, an awesome Kung Fu fighter. The Abbot of the monastery and Yu Yu help him fulfil his destiny – to become the master of a beautiful, amazing creature, Peng. Peng and Jax need to be together to overcome a dark, mysterious force, that could kill many.
The main character in The Hidden Monastery is Jax. He has a strange birthmark on his hand, and, at first, has no idea what it means. He finds out in The Whispering Cloud Monastery that it is the mark of the Peng master. The Abbot, once the Peng master, helps Jax learn Kung Fu so that he is ready for the day when he and Peng reunite…
I really enjoyed reading The Hidden Monastery because it was very mysterious. It is a book that you can’t put down, with a lot of twists and turns throughout story, especially at the end. I also liked The Hidden Monastery because it is very unique and different to other things I have read.
I recommend The Hidden Monastery to people who like mysterious, interesting and magical books. Also, those who like their books having many twists and turns in it would probably be interested in The Hidden Monastery.

Reviewed by Gina (9 years old)

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