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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reviews by You - White Ninja by Tiffiny Hall (Reviewed by Shine)

Welcome Shine, who is also reviewing White Ninja
White Ninja by Tiffiny Hall
The magical powers of the ancient tiger scrolls are hidden deep within the cemetery of warriors and both the savage samurai and the nifty ninjas are battling to get hold of the mysterious papers. But who will succeed in getting hold of the scrolls first?
My favourite part of the story is when Roxy leaps over houses and roofs with her mother. That is when she realises she has ninja power like her mother. I like the precise words Tiffany Hall uses to describe exactly what happens. It created a very clear picture in the my mind.
The main character in this story is 13-year old Roxy Ran, daughter of a retired ninja. She has superb fighting skills and together with her curiosity, she is the master at martial arts. She has an annoying big sister called Elektra who is a huge fan of fashion. Roxy’s father is a skilled artist who has a brilliant name to match that - Art.
White Ninja has lots of twists and turns which the reader doesn’t see coming. With action-packed chapters and a hint of romance, this book is obviously a book that readers can’t put down. Using suitable words to set the scene, Tiffany Hall has the power to grab the attention of kids of all ages.
I would definitely recommend this book to all children who either do martial arts or are interested in fighting. People who like action and romance should also read this no-put-down book.
Reviewed by Shine (12 years old)

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