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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reviews by You - Alice Miranda in Paris by Jacqueline Harvey ( Reveiwed by Amber)

Trés chic sightseeing, singing and fashion!
Alice-Miranda and her friends are in Paris with a group of teachers from Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale and the Fayle School for Boys. The students have a very exciting opportunity: to sing at Paris Fashion Week. The amazing city is humming with excitement and outrageous fashion choices – quite often coming from Mr Lipp, the children's choir conductor.
But a couple of France's best known designers are harbouring serious secrets, and when Christian Fontaine has some expensive fabric stolen just days before his show, Alice-Miranda and her friends realize there is a darker side to the glitz and glamour of the famous city.

Alice Miranda in Paris by Jacqueline Harvey

This book is about a girl called Alice Miranda and a robbery. There’s a lot more to famous Paris than meets the eye. Alice Miranda uncovers the dark side of the glitz and glamour of Paris. Alice is with her friend Millie. They are good friends and are exploring Paris with some of her school.
I don’t have a favourite part of the book because it was so good. I do, however, like how you get other peoples’ points of view in the story, not just Alice Miranda. There are some French words in the book too. It’s really cool because I’ve never learnt French and this makes it different to other books.
The main character is Alice Miranda. There are others but they’re not really main characters. She’s in Paris with her school and the students are going to sing in a choir. You get to read about their adventures going around Paris.
I really liked the book because there are lots of different peoples’ viewpoints and you are basically trying to find out who the robber is.
People who are into fashion and mystery should like this book. You get both a girly fashion thing and some mystery and I find that’s not something you get in most books.

Reviewed by Amber (12 years old)

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